Privacy Statement

Privacy Statenent
CQ Recruitment’s Privacy Statement has been created because we value our users and recognise their right to keep Personal Information private.

CQ Recruitment collects personal Information and Personal Data from site visitors and Registered Users for the purpose of better customising our services to you. CQ Recruitment owns and operates the website

Becoming a Registered User allows you to take advantage of more of the tools, services and resources that may assist you in obtaining employment. You may access your information at any time by going into your account, allowing you to upload new resumes, change your information, apply for new roles that are listed or delete your account. Prospective employers will only receive your resume details if you have applied for a certain role via the CQ Recruitment website or if you have given permission to a consultant.

Third Party Measurement
To best understand our users, CQ Recruitment utilise third party measurement companies to assess our website to collect the following usage of the site:

  • The number of page views(or page impressions) that occur on the site.
  • The number of unique visitors to the site.
  • How long these visitors spend on the site.
  • Common entry and exit points to the site.

Under no circumstances is your information passed to any other media.